Seventh Generation- A Toxic-Free Generation for All

* This post is a sponsored post but views are my own and in now way was I made to express my feelings in a certain way.

I will never forget the first time I ever heard of Seventh Generation. My mother was working at a local natural foods market in Barrington, RI and brought me home a package of diapers and laundry detergent for Landon. I thought it was some “fuddy duddy” stuff that would cost an arm & a leg and not even work. Boy, was I wrong. Back in 2008, my love affair with Seventh Generation was formed. Fact: Seventh Generation has worked for over 25 years creating  a healthy home by delivering plant derived products using bio-based ingredients. Do you know what is under your cabinet?

TFF_100 percent laundry1

As sad as this sounds, it wasn’t until I had Landon that I really paid attention to what was in my household cleaners or even food for that matter. When I read all the benefits on the back of the package and bottle of detergent, I immediately thought, “why isn’t there benefits written on the ones I have at home”? Because the only benefit of “those” cleaners is a shiny kitchen counter that may smell good in the process. There was no recycling benefit from the packaging. There was no benefit that it was all natural or safe for children.  There certainly was no benefit that it helps the environment for our next generation. This stuck with me. Till this day, Seventh Generation is my go-to cleaner for my household. Over the years, I have developed a  natural homemade cleaning solution but Seventh Generation is always a member of this household in some form.


Did you know that research shows that exposing yourself & children to toxins can increase your risk of cancer, asthma, Alzheimer’s and even birth defects? Did you know that since the Toxic Substances Control Act was enacted in 1976, over 85,000 synthetic chemicals have been introduced but only 10% of those have been tested for potential human toxicity? This is not ok with me. This should NOT be ok with you.  We should not be OK with inviting products into your home with no testing done. Your children are not test subjects for these chemicals. Heck, we are not test subjects! We can do something. Our voice can be heard. Sign the petition to demand reform of the TSCA in which the Toxin Freedom Fighters will present to Congress on April 30th 2014. Spread the word. NOW. GO.

Visit www.fighttoxins.com to sign the petition!



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